Free Business Course: Take responsibility for everything that happens in your business

It’s all about you: it’s your responsibility to make your business successful; no-one else’s, just yours.

If you blame circumstances, bad luck, lack of knowledge, lack of expertise, the economy or the government – then you are wrong – that’s not what is holding you back. If you are being held back – then it’s you that’s doing it.

If you are in the wrong business you have the power to change it; if you aren’t getting clients find a way to get them; if you are lacking energy or motivation to grow your business; you can look for ways to get the energy and motivation; if you need help or a mentor you can decide to find one.

You can do it

You have the energy, the ideas and the skills to make a success of your business. That’s the great thing about it being down to you; you don’t need to wait for permission to get on with it.

ACTIVITY: completely take on board that the responsibility for the success or failure of your business is yours alone and commit to making a success of your business.

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